MARCH SADNESS: The 64 Saddest Movies Ever Battle It Out


It’s the third week of March, and we all know what that means: It’s time for a forced online pop-culture version of March Madness! This year, we’ve collected a bracket of the 64 saddest movies of all-time for March Sadness to determine once and for all which is the saddest film ever made, based on your subjective votes and subsequent amusingly argumentative comments.

You can begin voting for Round 1 after the jump. [UPDATE: Voting for the rest of Round One is now open]

Here’s the Full March Sadness Bracket (click to enlarge):

Remember, the only question is “Which Movie Is Sadder?”, not “Which Movie Is Better” – if we cared about that, we’d be doing March Betterthan…dness. How you determine which movie is “Sadder” is up to you — tear-jerking moments, overall crushing feeling, personal story about the first time you saw it – everything’s open to sadterpretation.

We’ve attempted to provide as comprehensive a list as possible, though obviously some notable films had to be left out (feel free to complain about omissions in the comments – the final cuts were, to say the least, very sad). The cross-section of films is slightly tilted towards more recent movies, mostly for familiarity’s sake; we could’ve included some 20 Bergman films, but they all would’ve been voted off against more popularly-known movies. The movies have been very loosely seeded based on the general consensus and notoriety of their sadness; we all have our personal quirks (I cried during Monster Squad when Frankenstein got sucked into the tornado), but we hope this 64 represents a more universally-acknowledged-as-sad grouping, and we’ll leave the specifics (sadpecifics?) up to you. So vote, comment, and be…the opposite of merry!

The Voting For ROUND ONE Begins After the Jump:


Bambi or The Hours?online survey

Which Is Sadder: The Notebook or Dancer In The Dark?online surveys

Which Is Sadder: Marley & Me or What’s Eating Gilbert Grapesurvey software

Which Is Sadder: Titanic or Toy Story 3?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: Requiem For A Dream or Scenes From A Marriage?Market Research

Which Is Sadder: Precious Or Saving Private Ryan?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: Old Yeller or Mystic River?Market Research

Which Is Sadder: Forrest Gump or The Bicycle Thief?online survey


Which Is Sadder: Casablanca or Winter’s Bone?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: Brokeback Mountain or The Diving Bell And The Butterfly?survey software

Which Is Sadder: Atonement or The Fountain?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Beaches or About Schmidt?online survey

Which Is Sadder: The Land Before Time or The Remains Of The Day?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Kids or Boys Don’t Cry?survey software

Which Is Sadder: It’s A Wonderful Life or The Reader?online surveys

Which Is Sadder: My Girl or Dead Poets Society?online surveys

Voting for Brackets C and D is now open too, so remember to go there and vote sadly for a bunch of other sad movies. Sadness!

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