This Dog Cost $1.6 Million


A coal baron from Northern China bought an eleven month old red Tibetan Mastiff for ten million yuan ( just over one and a half million dollars). “I will give you ten million yuan for one lifetime with your puppy.” – Chinese Coal Baron to dog breeder.

It’s strange to think of a dog as “expensive,” but that is a really expensive dog. And you know that within three days, that coal baron is gonna be all like, “我倾斜相信I被支付十百万元那的事在我的地毯的粪!” (I can’t believe a paid ten million yuan for a thing that sh*t on my carpet.”)

Also the dog’s name is Big Splash.  According to multiple reports, that name translates in Chinese to “Hong Dong” which is scarily similar to what a racist person would guess that translates to.

Thanks, Huffpost Green Section, although I’m not sure what this has to do with the environment.