Will New Fingerprints Prove Conrad Murray Didn’t Kill Michael Jackson?


It’s Conrad Murray’s “juicebox” defense, 2.0! TMZ says the defense in Murray’s manslaughter case are all excited about getting the fingerprints on a broken syringe found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. While Murray was confused about who he called when MJ died and when, he’s dang sure he didn’t break a syringe that day. Could Michael have injected him with a massive dose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room?

Honestly, we’re surprised anyone cares—the prosecution has already argued that Murray’s guilty whether he injected the singer with the lethal dose or Michael up and slurped an IV bag of Propofol like a ketchup packet. If your doctor knows you’re a drug addict and leaves vials of the hospital grade anesthetic you’re addicted to in your house, that’s criminal negligence, and possibly manslaughter if you pay for their lax actions with your life. Wasn’t Murray going to argue Michael was overtired from This Is It rehearsals anyway? Sounds like someone’s grabbing for any shred of a defense they can find.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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