Let’s All Look At Baby Giant Otters For A Minute


To begin with, giant otters are a real thing. It seems like they aren’t, but they are. They grow to six feet long and 75 pounds. Maybe we’ve all seen one before and thought it was a manatee? Who knows? We’re certainly not going to Google it.

Apparently, it is very hard to make these not-manatees breed in captivity, so these two born at the Zoo Miami represent only the second time a giant otter has ever gotten pregnant and successfully given birth in a US zoo. “Zoo Miami: Where Cute Things Finally F*ck.”

I call the hot one!

Be careful. Just hold him like you would a giant tube of toothpaste.

She’s gonna love that dandruff right off him.

And here’s what it would look like if somebody had a baby giant otter for a tongue and and made a crass gesture.

Thanks to Ron Magill, Zoo Miami, and Splash.

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