MARCH SADNESS DAY 2: The 64 Saddest Movies Ever Battle It Out


It’s Day 2 of March Sadness, the tournament of 64 sad films to determine once and for all (in a subjective, totally interpretable manner) which is the saddest movie of all time.

Voting for Brackets C & D is now open, after the jump. Once again, here’s the full bracket:

You can still vote for Brackets A & B from yesterday – some of the matchups are still reasonably close (*COUGH* *COUGH* Dancer In The Dark is really effing sad), but the voting for all of Round 1 will conclude tomorrow morning so we can move on to Round 2 for the weekend.

Remember, the only criteria is “Which Movie Is Sadder?”, not “Which Movie Is Better” – how you determine “sadder,” though, is up to you. Also, if you’re not familiar with either movie in a particular matchup or don’t feel sad-strongly towards one option or the other, you don’t have to vote in all the matchups.

So once again, vote, get sad, spread the sadness around, and argue over sadness in the comments. Misery loves a crowd.

Voting For ROUND ONE Continues After the Jump:

Which Is Sadder: E.T. or Far From Heaven?online surveys

Which Is Sadder: The House Of Sand And Fog or Blue Valentineonline surveys

Which Is Sadder: Hotel Rwanda or West Side Story?online surveys

Which Is Sadder: Dumbo or Edward Scissorhands?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: The Lion King or American History X?online survey

Which Is Sadder: The Killing Fields or In The Bedroom?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: Up or Kramer vs. Kramer?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: City Of God or The Fox And The Hound?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Schindler’s List or Million Dollar Baby?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Steel Magnolias or The Road?Market Research

Which Is Sadder: Philadelphia or Revolutionary Road?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: WALL-E or Ordinary People?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Charlotte’s Web or My Life?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: The Iron Giant or The Wrestler?online survey

Which Is Sadder: Sophie’s Choice or The Green Mile?customer surveys

Which Is Sadder: Terms Of Endearment or Life Is Beautiful?online survey

Voting will be open until Friday morning – we’ll move on to Round 2 tomorrow!

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