Rumor We Love: Lindsay’s Love Of Kombucha Tea Will Destroy Her


Remember when TMZ said secret dirt in Lindsay Lohan’s probation report would “destroy” her if she doesn’t take a plea bargain? Well, if what we learned today is all that’s hiding in the vault, color us unimpressed. The site says the report has proof that she’s been drinking again—Kombucha tea, to be precise. You may recall the drama last year over whether Kombucha crosses the 0.5% alcohol content that defines whether a drink is alcoholic. The makers of LiLo’s preferred brand swears they keep it under the limit, but it’s possible a judge could look poorly on Lindsay chugging the stuff.

Then again, some think that Kombucha actually works to help alcoholics get over their addiction. We found that out in an post about Lindsay’s Kombucha craziness published last May, by…drum roll…TMZ. Can they really treat this like a smoking gun when they shot it over eight months ago? We almost hope there’s also something about a hobo-knifing in that report, because otherwise their hysteria is just embarrassing.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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