15 Things That Look Like Chris Brown’s Penis


So have you guys heard? A photo of Chris Brown taking a picture of his penis in the mirror has surfaced in a big way. A big way. You can see the NSFW photo here if you want to, which you do, and you’re not even reading this anymore because you’re staring in shock at Chris Brown’s penis aren’t you? I’ll wait.

You’re back? Great. It’s pretty special, no? Like WHOA. Now, because we here at BWE.tv are a “SFW” blog, we can’t post the photo of Chris Brown’s penis uncensored. But what we can do is tell you 15 things that look a lot like Chris Brown’s penis. So open your imagination up — way up — and feel free to play along in the comments.

Here Are 10 Things That Look Like Chris Brown’s Penis

15. A Paula Deen Peppermill

14. Spudline The Spineless Hedgehog

13. Oreo Fun Stix

12. A Giant Seaworm

11. Jabba The Hut

10. A Starbuck Trenta

9. Geoduck

8. A Tootsie Roll Bank

7. A Sloth’s Arm

6. Midget Mac

5. A UFO Sighting

4. A Business Horse Listening To Music

3. A Sausage Halloween Costume

2. The Great Wall Of China

1. Oprah

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