Billy Crystal Says He Might Host The Oscars Again


Looks like the audience weren’t the only people who enjoyed seeing Billy Crystal at the Oscars this year. The eight-time host is considering coming back to the Academy Awards for another go. “It might be fun,” said Crystal, who last hosted in 2004. “I think the show needs to change. There’s too many awards and it has to sort of freshen itself up, and if I can be a part of that, that would be great.” Here’s the  real question: can he manage to fit ten movies into a medley?

Considering how well hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway went over this year, the odds would seem to be in Crystal’s favor for a big return. Sure, his talk about “freshening up” the Oscars is ironic enough to get Alanis Morisette stuck in our head ever since we read it, but it’s hard to imagine they’ll find a better mix of industry insider and irreverent comedian than Billy for the job. And he still has plenty of months to let his face de-Botox a little, maybe. Just consider it, Billy. Please.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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