Corey Bohan Attacks “Empty” Ex Audrina Patridge On Twitter


The worst part about being a celebrity must be when your ex is out for revenge, like when Audrina Patridge’s ex Corey Bohan trashed her on Twitter. There’s not such thing as a “good break-up” when thousands of people are aware that you got dumped. “Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad! Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out. U cant love a heartless woman,” Blohan tweeted. “A girl that’s told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual. It’s quite sad.”

Yeah, maybe that would make someone insecure…almost as sad and insecure as you’d need to be attack your ex-girlfriend via social media. Come on, Corey. A biting e-mail is good enough for the rest of the population, and that way no one has to find out what an asshat you sound like.

Audrina and Corey broke up before in 2009, only to eventually reunite. Looks like Corey doesn’t care about burning that bridge after their most recent break-up earlier this month. Patridge fired back at Bohan today, dismissing him as “bitter.” Meanwhile allegedly Audrina has moved on to Nic Roldan, a polo player who we’re going to advise not look at his Reply To tweets, at least until Bohan gets the vengeance out of his system.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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