How Much Is A My Little Pony Worth To You?


I would gladly pay $1 million for a Real Life My Little Pony.

Did I say $1 million? I meant $ million. Because no price is too high for the opportunity to touch my forehead against a baby miniature horse forehead. (Which might be the only thing smaller than my former favorite small thing, bird faces. Their faces, not feces, which are also incidentally fairly small.)

I can see it now: Waking up in my canopy bed, spooning my million dollar horse. I lazily get out of bed and head to the kitchen. “Do you want coffee” I say as I kiss its little horse bangs good morning. I pour some coffee and grab the milk while my priceless horse entity sits at the table with a book.

And 9 months later, I give birth to a human baby body with a miniature horse head and, finally, everything makes sense.

I mean, how can the following image not bring people of all backgrounds, races and religions together??

There simultaneously is no God/is an amazing awesomely genius God.

(via The Neigh-ily Neigh-il)

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