Lady Gaga’s Monstrous iD Cover, Ghoulish Beauty Tips


Lady Gaga is almost working her angles; they just usually aren’t jutting haphazardly out of her face like a creature that slithered out of the mouth of Hades. Lady Gaga’s iD cover for their Exhibition issue combines Gaga’s monster face look with some high fashion styling. Gaga looks like an exhibition alright…at a medical oddities museum. Based on what her forehead looks like, we’re guessing we don’t want to catch a glimpse of whatever’s lurking under Mother Monster’s Thierry Mugler by Formichetti leather trench.

It’s not only while in costume that Gaga deals with gruesome beauty dilemmas. In an interview with People, Lady Gaga talks about her hair falling out; the natural brunette explained that she must “get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.” We also might have found the source of the “freckles” on her cover photos: when asked how many nights of the week she falls asleep with make-up on, Gaga admits “Seven. That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes.” If demonic cheekbones, bald scalps and blotch-covered faces are in vogue, then we’ll just take our culottes and fanny packs. As we sprint toward the nearest police station.

[Photo: iD Magazine]

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