Renee Zellweger And Bradley Cooper Allegedly Throw In The Towel


Some celebs are so close-lipped, we only know they were officially dating when they decide to shut it down. According to US Magazine, allegedly Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper have broken up. Based on how infrequently we saw any signs of their romantic entanglement, we have a hard time telling “together” and “single” apart. The couple allegedly started their romance in 2005 while filming the horror film Case 29, and like Case 29 know one ever saw it or knew if it actually existed.

Rumors suggest that Renee and Bradley have been together since 2009, but both have remained steadfastly silent about their relationship. “I just can’t,” the Limitless star explained, when asked to speak about his love-life in the June 2010 issue of Details. Both Zellweger and Cooper were married before, to Kenny Chesney and Jennifer Esposito respectively, that ended after only a matter of months. We certainly understand being a little commitment phobic, but it’s like Renee and Bradly only dated under the cover of night. If the rumors are true, we hope both of them find happiness with their next partners. Maybe they can even slowly branch out into public hand-holding! We know, we know: baby steps.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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