A Very Confusing Windshield Decal


Okay, let’s break this graphic down piece by piece. First, there is an SUV — perhaps the same make and model of the actual car it’s on. Then, resting in an amorphous white space, there is a strawberry being run over by said car. Above it all are the two bits of text: “De Creme” and “Umm You Know You Want It.”

How any of these images or words relate to each other is so far a complete mystery. Is the strawberry leaking cream somehow, like some sort of strawberries and cream dessert? Could that be what the “creme” is referring to? As for the “Umm You Know You Want It,” Do we know we want the strawberry? Or do we know we want the car? Is the “you” perhaps referring to the strawberry as part of a suggestion that the strawberry wants to be run over by the car?

Can anyone figure out what any of this is? All theories are welcome.

Thanks, @AshFrieds

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