QUIGLEY: The Movie Where Gary Busey Plays A White Pomeranian Named Quigley


Ok, quick backstory to this one. In 2003, Gary Busey starred in a Christian movie about a wealthy man who hates dogs but then he dies and turns into a dog named Quigley and as a dog he has to find a CD-Rom and also help his brother and his family but it’s tough cause he’s peeing everywhere.

Once again: Gary Busey is a rich man. He dies. He comes back as a white Pomeranian named Quigley. He has to do something with CD-Roms. This is from 2003. This is real. The Found Footage People have graciously watched through this entire movie and cut it into the following bafflingly digestible highlight reel:

Ahh, the medium of video: Things are recorded on it so you can watch them and be like “see, there’s that.”

I never would’ve expected the actual movie could’ve possibly lived up to the amazing Quigley poster:

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