Kate Walsh Feels Like A “Loser” For Being Divorced, Childless


Alright, who let a certain former wife of Brad Pitt get her hands on Kate Walsh‘s cellphone number? In an interview with More magazine, Kate Walsh says that she feels like a loser for being childless. “I feel like a loser. I would definitely love to be a parent. But I definitely don’t think I want to do it on my own,” the Private Practice star admits. “Things are just going to go the way they go… I thought I’d be married and have three or four kids. I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I think I always wanted a quote-unquote normal life because I had a very untraditional upbringing.” Hmmm, a gorgeous, wealthy, successful actress who feels like a complete “loser” because she hasn’t popped out a screaming baby yet. We hope Kate hasn’t been reading any hand-made leaflets that somebody’s been slipping under her front door.

While Walsh wishes for the pitter-patter of tiny feet, she has mixed feelings about the sound of much larger, man-sized feet clomping around her house. Says Walsh of her 2008 divorce from husband Alex Young, “Oh my God. The worst thing ever. It was so public, and yet it was so legal-embroiled. You couldn’t talk about anything…” If Kate hears the whir of her blender from the kitchen whipping up a batch of “cheer-up margaritas,” we’re already too late. Aniston’s managed to disarm her security system.

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