Kids From The Bully Bodyslam Video Get Interviewed


This is going to go down as the most heavily documented bullying event in history.

Last week, a video of a bully getting bodyslammed by his victim at a school in Australia went viral.  Below is a very comprehensive interview with both Richard Gale, the alleged bully, and Casey Haynes, the alleged slightly larger kid. It’s fascinating. Richard gale doesn’t simply come off as the little sh*t you expect and even want him to be. He’s just seems like a kid who, like every kid at some point, was mean to another kid. He claims that Casey Haynes attacked him first, and while that claim seems rather flimsy, you still feel for him.

The vitriol poured down on him that seemed so satisfying last week seems much harsher this week.

Ahhhh! Being a kid sucks so much. What a panicfest.

Thanks, Reddit.

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