LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian’s Ex Call For End To Twitter Warfare


Jeez, America! Can’t you just let LeAnn Rimes sleep with that other woman’s husband in peace already? After months of animosity, Rimes and Brandi Glanville end their Twitter feud….which they seem to forget that they started? “As a collective unit, Brandi and I would like all negativity to cease toward one another,” Rimes tweeted, and Brandi retweeted. “We have communicated and have a direct understanding that we are ONLY ourselves on Twitter and have no other accounts that try to destroy one another. Please for our families’ sake stop the hate now and let us live OUR lives. We don’t need opinions or outside help in order for that to happen. Thanks, LeAnn and Brandi.” Oh right, we forgot that it was LeAnn and Brand’s followers who revealed her fiance Eddie Cibrian isn’t paying his child support, how Glanville slashed his tires or how Rimes fought with Wendy Williams. You all should be truly ashamed of yourselves.

Whether they want to address it or not, the two lovely ladies have been at each other’s throats on more than one occasion. After all, Glanville and Rimes have been feuding since fall of 2009, and blaming everyone else for it since, well, it became convenient to do so. All joking aside, we will gladly stop haranguing Rimes and Glanville. Besides, they’ve done an excellent job of it on their own.

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