Lindsay Lohan Ready To Accept Plea Deal, Prison?


TMZ has been pushing for Lindsay Lohan to consider a plea deal; sure they’d love to cover her trial, but can they risk her being off the streets for over a year? According to the site, she may finally be listening to her enablers/advisers. Despite her professions of innocence (you can’t expect her to remember what jewelry she puts on when shopping, or to return stolen goods promptly), Lohan is “seriously considering” the prison term Judge Schwartz would demand of her. The official time frame is three months, but that’s less than three weeks in overcrowded-LA-jail time.

It won’t be long until all this conjecture is moot; LiLo’s lawyer has to accept or dismiss the plea by Wednesday, and they’ll be in court to make it official Friday. Considering the DA’s planning to bring up several earlier examples of Lindsay’s alleged kleptomania (“Lindsay has major entitlement issues, which have led her down this very dark road,” a prosecution source told Radar), it certainly sounds like Lindsay might accept a forced vacation after all. You can’t start your comeback until you go away!

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