World’s Most Expensive iPad Contains World’s Most Poorly Placed Dinosaur Bone


This iPad contains the following things: A 65 Million year old dinosaur bone, about four pounds of 24ct gold, a housing made of 75 million year old rock from Canada, an Apple logo made of 53 individually set gems, and a front button made out of another 8.5ct diamond set in platinum surrounded by twelve other diamonds.

Well, this is hardly an original sentiment about this kind of thing, but let’s express it anyway: F************ck this. Beyond even the normal appalling-waste-of-wealth-reasons, just don’t put a goddamn dinosaur bone in your iPad. You can’t even see it. At least with stuff like the infamous diamond covered bra, you can see the diamonds. Here, the added value of the bone is pointless.  It’s like building a $3 million cable box that is only expensive because it has caviar in its center.

The little girl from the Christian Children’s Fund commercials does not approve.

Thanks, Splash News.

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