How I Met Your Mother Russia


There are a number of opinions you can have about CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you love it. Or maybe it’s your TV McDonald’s equivalent, and you watch it because it’s on, but then you find that you’re ashamed at yourself when it’s over. Well, whatever your feelings are about it, get ready to have those same feelings right now… BUT IN RUSSIAN!

Someone in Russia — off the top of my head, I will guess his name was Anatoly — decided to make a Russian version of How I Met Your Mother. What you will first notice is that Russian versions of TV shows look a whole lot like porn parody versions of TV shows, but with way less sex and way more Russian. The second thing you will notice is that they absolutely nailed it.

If they made some kind of of Shazam type iPhone app that recognized sitcom rhythms instead of songs, it would recognize this as How I Met Your Mother in about two seconds. Good job, Russia.

Thanks, Buzzfeed.

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