James Franco Strikes Back At Bruce Vilanch For Oscars Slam


Looks like James Franco is awake after all. The actor promptly responded to Oscar joke honcho Bruce Vilanch’s criticism of Franco’s hosting abilities by scrawling some word balloons onto a photo of the two smiling backstage. “James Franco f—ed up the Oscars. Trust me I know comedy,” ‘says’ Vilanch. “I mean, come on, I write for Bette Midler!” Franco tweeted, then deleted the photo. Then republished it and deleted it again. We do the same thing, James—though when you’re famous such timidity its a hopeless gesture. Once you’ve posted sometime, it’s immediately too late to take it back.

While it’s good to remember that Vilanch’s comedy isn’t always the freshest, since Franco’s big idea was to sing a song from Burlesque, it’s not obvious why he dissing someone for working with a brassy cabaret singer. Hopefully sometime in the future everyone involved can decide whether Franco was funny, whether he thought he was funny, whether he was trying to be funny, and what any of this has to do with Anne Hathaway‘s song about Hugh Jackman. Seriously, what was that about?

Update: James Franco posted an e-mail from Vilanch on his photo feed (“I was trying to DEFEND you”), scrawling “Thanks Bruce, sorry for reading all the stupid blogs” over it in response. Guess they’re all set to team up for the 2012 Oscars, then, right? Right?

[Photo: Getty Images/James Franco]

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