Yeah, Boyeee! THAT’S How You Recover A NASA Shuttle Rocket Booster!


Oh, snap! Motherf*ckin rocket just bobbin’ in the ocean. NASA be all like, “Tie that sh*t to a BOAT, son!” Haaaaaa! And you know what kind of D this in? H, son. HD!

NASA released footage for the first time ever late last week of a rocket booster being recovered. Now, here’s some educational rap from Ghostface Killah about the cosmos. He also explains evaporation.

“Yo, the sun can never be p*ssy. He always come out. He’ll sit right there even if you pull your gun out. He can never run out. When the lights go out, it’s Japan’s turn now; the Earth has spun around. I see yellow and green, it’s a beautiful thing. The sky’s blue cause the sun hit the water like BING!” – Dr. Killah

Thanks, Best of YouTube.

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