Brooke Mueller Needs To Pay Up For Her P.R.


The trouble just does not stop for this embattled duo. Although Charlie Sheen doesn’t think he’s in trouble, because his team’s “winning” (probably because of their diet of tigers blood). Charlie, who has tested clean on his drug tests, now has to take a psych evaluation to see his kids. Brooke’s probably singing a different tune because her troubles are more of the financial kind. And they’re big!

She needs to cough up over $20,000 to Capital Asset Protection on behalf of their client. The deal is that a P.R Firm, Rogers & Cowan, is pissed with Brooke because she hasn’t apparently paid them for the work they did while they were repping her. So to make sure they get their money — all $21,167.91 of it — they’ve got the CAP guys on the job! She was officially ordered to pay up on the 1st of March. Guess she just forgot, right? Right. On a completely different note, Brooke, the next time you step out to an event in a black dress… don’t wear a white bra, ok? As seen in the picture above, the result isn’t pretty.

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