Scott Disick Sucks His Stomach In For Men’s Fitness Cover


We still can’t figure out why Men’s Fitness put Scott Disick on their cover for May’s issue. We know him as only three things — the angry dude, Mason’s daddy and Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend. That’s it, period. Is that enough for someone to get mag’s selling? Seriously? As you can tell we’re not fans so don’t start with us. But his girlfriend clearly is. Koutney tweeted about the cover, gushing, “I love @scottdisick’s Men’s Fitness cover!! He looks like James Dean!” We’re just going to say it. No, he does not, Kourtney. R.I.P Dean. We do not want him turning in his grave. And this is just a guess, but looking at the cover, Disick’s bronzed chiseled Zoolander face and bod looks like someone did a little something that rhymes with Photoshop.

Surprisingly, someone other than Kourtney also thinks Scott’s perfect for the cover. That would be Scott himself, duh. The  shoot was aired on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York where he said, “When you think of a debonair ridiculously good looking guy, you think of me”. We’re going to scream this as loud as we can, just to make our point — NO, WE DON’T.  Remove three letters of your name, and that’ll tell you what we think of you. Think we’re being way harsh? The dude got his poor assistant Dale to buy him underwear at the shoot. And settling in as the grossest thing we heard all day, he yelled at Dale saying, “You know what Dale, give me your boxers.” Guess what, Dale quit. After calling Scott, “an egotistical, pompous a—hole.”  Word.

[Photo via Celebuzz]

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