Cops Called After Vince Neil Fights With Ex In Vegas Hotel


Doesn’t look like he “learned his lesson” after all. Motley Crue‘s Vince Neil reportedly burst into a Hal Sparks show at the Las Vegas Hilton to fight with his ex-girlfriend and her friends. According to TMZ, security called the police, who took a battery report from the woman, though they don’t believe Neil was arrested. While the ex was not identified, TV reporter Alicia Jacobs broke up with the singer following Neil’s DUI jail stint (and house arrest) last month, saying “Due to the decisions Vince continues to make, it is necessary that I end our relationship of seven months.”

Neil denied recent rumors of drinking and driving, saying “I am not on probation or under any drug and alcohol rules. I am not required to check in or submit to any type of testing. I did my time and am getting on with my life. If my car is in valet at night, the question is, is it still there in the morning? I am always provided rides home if I want or a room. Do not assume anything.” But if he can’t be trusted to keep calm at a Hal Sparks gig, will he still be allowed in the hotels?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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