Could Will Ferrell Join The Office For Good?


It’s possible he was joking (when isn’t he?), but Will Ferrell is hinting that his upcoming four-episode arc on The Office as Michael Scott’s replacement Deangelo Vickers could turn into a permanent position. “That’s a very distinct possibility,” he told the New York Daily News at the Comedy Awards this weekend, similarly suggesting “a regular, full-time gig” with The Office wasn’t out of the question to Entertainment Weekly. But why would a guy who collects mega-movie paychecks bother signing on for a long-running sitcom? Isn’t that why Steve Carell is leaving?

A clue might actually be in the same article where Rainn Wilson dismissed rumors of Ferrell taking over last January. While Wilson thought Ferrell making “$20 million a film” means “he’s got other fish to fry,” Dwight Schrute’s channeler also said the show would become “even more of an ensemble show,” with the boss “more of a secondary fixture.” Ferrell would be an expensive hire for NBC, but with the focus shifted to his staff, maybe Deangelo Vickers can stay on as a more neglectful, less present father figure than Michael Scott was. It sounds like Will is enjoying himself on set, and as long as the show doesn’t ask too much of him (and he doesn’t ask too much of the budget), why wouldn’t they keep it going as long as they can?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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