Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen Fighting Over Pug


Remember that scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman murders a homeless man and then crushes a dog with his foot? And how the audience was infinitely more horrified by the dog dying? We’re getting similar vibes from the feud between Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards over their pug. Charlie posted a remarkable tweet about Denise this morning, fuming that the “traitor and loser whore” was “a vile kidnapper and now dog thief.” According to TMZ, Denise had given Charlie her 2 pugs after their divorce, but she reclaimed them after hearing rumors of neglect (one eventually died of malnourishment). Now Charlie wants the surviving dog back and Denise ain’t having it.

Aside from a curt “nope” in response to a fan’s query about her alleged dognapping, Denise hasn’t acknowledged her ex-husband’s furor (a photo of Charlie with the dog was later tweeted). But she has gabbed about promoting the charity Pup My Ride, which probably isn’t a coincidence. Meanwhile, Sheen went ballistic on a fan who “hates him now” that she’s learned of his alleged lapses as a dog-daddy (“Shut your evil mucus-hole you truth terrorist”). While we all love cute dogs, we’re amazed a man repeatedly accused of abusing women—and who just called the mother of his children a “loser whore” on the internet—could lose fans over a pooch.

[Photos: Getty Images/Yfrog]

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