Guy With 2,747 Toothpicks In His Beard Explains Everything At The End Of Video


There is currently a video going around of a man who inserted a record breaking 2,747 toothpicks in his beard. The first minute and five seconds of the video are just that, a man putting the toothpicks in his beard, and we can charitably give the guy a 6.5 out of 10 for the effort. Where the video gets amazing, however, is just after the one minute five second mark when he very suddenly starts answering every question you could possibly have about what just happened. Most videos on the internet, no matter how short, will usually leave you with a couple of questions. This video leaves you with no fewer than six questions and they are all answered IMMEDIATELY. Ten out of ten for the answer section.

“Jesus, where is this guy from? And who on earth would take the time to shoot this for him? How long was he growing that thing for anyway? Does he still have it? And is this guy at all aware of how intense his accent is as he goes bald?” – You, but don’t worry. You’ll know soon enough.

Thanks, Buzzfeed.

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