Lady Gaga’s 25 Most Outrageous Outfits


Happy birthday, Lady Gaga! The Monster Queen turns 25 today (hey, has she ever lied to us before?) so we thought it’d be appropriate to count down 25 of her most outrageous outfits—the looks that continue to haunt our dreams long after she’s moved on to the next one. It was hard to winnow the list down—we counted over 100 crazy Lady Gaga Outfits in 2009 alone—but these are 25 that will definitely go down in freak fashion history. Did we forget one of your favorites? Let us know!

25. Freak Face

24. Naughty Nun

23. True Fan

22. Bit O’ The Bubbly

21. Asian Persuasion

20. Veiled Vixen

19. The Red Queen

18. Sex On Fire!

17. Renaissance Woman

16. Bad Egg

15. Spotted Hottie

14. Out Of This World

13. Ice Queen

12. Angel Of Couture

11. Ink Queen

10. Bearded Lady

9. Sister Mary Latex

8. Killer Heels

7. Ghost Of Pop Present

6. Gaga Goes Antoniette

5. Diamond Diva

4. Cousin Itt

3. Meat Madam

2. Casual Gaga

1. Kerrmaphrodite

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