Mariah Breaks Out The Glitter Paint For “Dem Babies” Bump


You didn’t think Mariah Carey was going to go into labor wearing just a plain old hospital gown, did you? Earlier this afternoon Mariah Carey tweeted a photo of her baby bump decorated with a butterfly, gold glitter and the phrase “dem babies.”  We assume Carey painted it on, though we also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that’s just what Mariah’s skin looks like. “My attempt @ festiveness on 327! For ATLITL thank u + I♥U! Comin soon #dembabies! LYMA+thanx 4 making me happy:),” the singer tweeted. Only Mariah can make her own uterus a love letter to her best album and get away with it.

Just like Mariah’s next album, we cannot wait her offspring to drop. Despite Mariah Carey’s hospitalization for false contractions, the singer reassured her fans that the kids “have a few more weeks 2 go.” We wonder if Mariah might be making things a little hard on herself. Labor is already difficult enough without worrying about sparkles getting in her doctor’s eyes, or distracting the Pegasus she’s using as a delivery table.

[Photo: Mariah Carey’s Twitter]

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