Foxy Brown Kicked Off Cruise After Going Manic Over A Manicure


Why does Foxy Brown insist on getting so violent about her nails? She was on probation for allegedly attacking two manicurists. Now, TMZ is reporting that Foxy apparently got kicked off a Royal Caribbean cruise for losing it after missing a  manicure appointment. Do her nails have like, magic powers? Do evil spirits reside in them so she has to appease them every now and then? Because they seem to be such a trigger for her!

The deal is that she set up the appointment at the cruise salon, but supposedly swanned in three hours late. As all the nail technicians were busy, they couldn’t give Foxy time. Needless to say, she went bananas to the extent that security had to take her away. Apparently, Foxy was booted off the ship when the reached a Cayman Islands destination. Sources also say that she’s flown home now. If this is true, then we’re so over her. Forget the fact that she turned up three hours late. This sort of cray-cray deserves it’s own hall of infamy.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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