Mad Men May Already Be Over: Creator And Network In Stand-Off


Fans waiting for season 5 of Mad Men…don’t hold your breath. The show may be done for good if AMC and creator Matthew Weiner can’t agree on changes the network wants to make to the three-time Emmy Award winner for Best Drama. While his payday would be huge, Deadline says Weiner refuses to accept AMC’s budget reductions AMC wants, which would require losing 2 minutes of running time, 2 cast members and incorporating more product placement. “This is their storied franchise, and they want it shorter and cheaper, with fewer actors and more product integration,” said their source. “The negotiations are about to collapse as a result.”

With negotiations stalling production for season 5 (it likely wouldn’t premiere until next year), the network could decide to push Weiner out of the way and continue the show without him. But with Weiner so intrinsic to the production and key cast members already courting movie stardom, it’s hard to imagine AMC taking such a PR risk. This isn’t the first stand-off between the makers of Mad Men and the network, but it sounds like it could be the last.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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