What Do You See: Hitler Or A House?


Don’t worry, this isn’t a trick question. If you see Hitler instead of a house, that’s totally fine. It’s not your fault, Matt Damon.* However, if you only see a house with no resemblance to Hitler, you might be lying to yourself. That unmistakable slanting roof haircut, the lintel mustache. It’s all there. OR IS IT?? I think it’s a house. BUT. You never know when a house could be the reincarnation of the Most Evil Person Ever. (Top Five at least). You don’t want to chance it. So. Metro UK picked up on this Twitpic that someone in Swansea posted, which said, “I’ve found Hitler reincarnated.” What do you think?

* Good Will Hunting reference. Apologies to Matt Damon for mentioning him with Hitler.

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