Battery Accusations Against Lindsay Lohan Dropped


Lindsay Lohan—wait, sorry, that’s just “Lindsay”, she dropped the Lohan—can rest easy knowing that at least one of her legal problems is now resolved.  Back in December, Lindsay was accused of battery by Betty Ford Clinic worker Dawn Holland. Holland claimed at the time that a drunk Lindsay pushed and punched her, and threw her phone at Holland. Holland later issued a bizarre statement defending Lohan and dropped the criminal charges, but Lindsay faced probation violations stemming from the incident, which could have landed her in jail. Mind you, this is all completely unrelated to Lindsay’s stolen necklace fiasco, which is a separate matter.

Luckily for our heroine, the Riverside County DA’s office has decided to drop all charges against Lindsay because they don’t have enough evidence against her in the Betty Ford case, so Lohan is in the clear. One courtroom drama down, who knows how many more to go.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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