Britney Takes The Porta-Potty Plunge With The Boys Of Jackass 3D


Okay, yes, clearly Britney Spears isn’t rocketing toward the sky in a poop-filled Porta-Potty for reals. For one thing, we bet that flimsy door would come flying open if she wasn’t securing harnessed to the seat. However, Britney Spears’ Jackass stunt for Jimmy Kimmel reminds us that Britney will do literally anything to amuse her fans. Would Xtina pretend to hurdle through the air, covered in liquid feces, just to please her audience? Gaga probably would, but she’d want to do it in the MOMA and make us call it “poop-modernism.”

While we might get to see Brit-Brit talk about pee-pee in her bit with Johnny Knoxville, according to Carson Daly, Britney’s interviews are a lot less revealing. The Last Call host tweeted about Spears’ management demanding her interview be edited and approved by them, claiming his sessions with celebrities are “never that restricted. Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this…it’s really insane.” Maybe we’ll never know her opinion about KFed’s new baby, but we forward to seeing Britney get gored by a bull, or having her genitals stapled to the inside of her leg. Or at least, we look forward to Brit’s body double pretending to do that.

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