Just A European Guy With A MACHETE SLINGSHOT!


Here are some quotes from this video just so you know what you’re about to get into.

“It’s a machete shooting slingshot… actually a slingshot crossbow.” Oh, okay. Got it!

“I take this machete. You see I carved a notch into the tip.” Right, carving a machete. We totally follow you.

“What is it good for? Nothing. Except for attracting people’s attention on YouTube.” Mission accomplished.

So, obviously this guy is great and hopefully is a dad. If this invention would have been introduced in the first episode of The Walking Dead, that show would have been one episode long. The same applies for MacGyver. And probably even Magnum, P.I. for that matter. Any show, really. This is the invention to abbreviate all action based narratives.

Thanks again, Space Ghetto, though, as always, I will not link to you because of genitals, nightmares, and potential lawsuits.

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