NIP SLIP: Won’t Someone Tell Milla Jovovich Her Entire Breast Is Out?


Milla Jovovich (pronounced Mee-luh Yo-vo-vitch, as per her Twitter bio) seems like a nice enough girl. Yes, she’s stunning, and might actually be Leonardo DiCaprio in a wig. But those two reasons alone are not enough to make enemies.

And yet, we can’t help but wonder who Milla has wronged in her lifetime and her entourage. Because doesn’t it seem slightly suspect that no one would tell her her entire nipple is out?

(Click For The Uncensored Photo)

Here is Milla walking the red carpet only moments ago at Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th Birthday Gala Concert at Royal Albert Hall in London, in a dress that screams “Here is my nipple. Just one, don’t get greedy.”

You can only imagine Mikhail’s reaction to such a photo…


You know, even with that errant nipple hanging out, Milla is looking gorgeous….

(Click For The Uncensored Photo)

And it seems like this slight nipple oversight hasn’t put a damper on the night! Check out her latest Teet Tweet:

See? She’s nice. Milla, get better friends. If we were friends, I would have been like “Milla! Your entire breast is out. Tuck that sh*t in, girl!”

[Pics via Splash]

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