Oprah Wants To Make Over Donald Trump Before Her Show Ends


Oprah Winfrey‘s talk show will end on May 25th of this year. Given that she is Oprah, the stakes are already pretty high, how do you end a twenty-five-year-long run of iconic television and still thrill your viewers? It’s going to be hard to top “Everybody gets a car!” but she is certainly going to try and outdo herself.  Page Six reports that for one of her final episodes, Oprah has reached out to Donald Trump to try and convince the tycoon to get a makeover and cut his famously terrible hair for her audience’s viewing pleasure.

A source from Trump’s office said they received an email from Oprah’s camp asking him to be on her show, saying that “The eyes of the world will be upon these episodes,” and if he chooses to come on, his makeover will be treated with “integrity” and that Oprah will “not let it become a joke or silly…This will become one of those historical television moments that will become iconic.” Of course, they would also allow Trump to do what he does best: self-promote. He would be offered the chance to discuss his 2012 presidential bid (dear God, no) and talk about The Celebrity Apprentice in exchange for the trim. Trump’s hair has been a punchline for so long that we doubt he’d let Oprah touch it, but if he thinks about all the attention it will get him, he may not be able to resist.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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