The Prince William And Kate Middleton Toilet Seat


“I’ve got a toilet seat. And the only cure… is Prince William and Kate Middleton.” – English Person Who Doesn’t Understand Toilets, Royalty, Or The Cow Bell Blue Oyster Cult Sketch

Let’s discuss the many ways in which this is a bad idea. While the word “throne” is often used as a term for toilets, there is something distinctly unroyal about them. It’s probably that you sh*t in them. That’s probably the unroyal thing about them — the sh*t. So, that’s issue #1.

Now, issue #2. Is it that hard to draw Prince William and Kate Middleton? Why does no artistic likeness of them look anything like them? What is that? Just trace a magazine cover, England. But this is really more of a general concern about the art surrounding this impending wedding than it is a problem with this specific toilet seat, so let’s move on to our final issue, issue #3: This Toilet’s Surroundings.

The roll of toilet paper just sits next to the toilet. If you don’t yet own a toilet paper holder, you should really not be investing in William and Kate toilet seat covers. #Priorities

Thanks, Splash.

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