Who Else Has The Lindsay Lohan Homeless Guy Slept With?


TMZ is reporting that a homeless guy near the 405 freeway in Los Angeles has been spotted holding the following sign.

Now, did this guy actually sleep with Lindsay Lohan? I don’t know. I’m not a rocket scientist. But if he did, he should remember that sleeping with Lindsay Lohan is just like sleeping with all the other homeless guys she’s ever slept with.

So now these two homeless guys have pretty much slept with each other. And that’s scary because sleeping with this homeless guy is like sleeping with all the Tiger Woods he’s ever slept with.

So, according to middle school health class, by way of Lindsay Lohan and another homeless guy, our first homeless guy has also slept with Tiger Woods. So I guess give him money? But he’s not even really asking for money. These signs are actually all very bad at soliciting money. It’s almost like these homeless people don’t have a good feel for commerce.

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