Oksana’s “Ex-Bodyguard” Writes Sexy Tell-All, Accused Of Con Artistry


Remember that ex-bodyguard of Oksana Grigorieva who accused her of faking Mel Gibson‘s taped rants and practicing “sexual sorcery” on him? Well, hey may not just been lying about the erotic witchcraft. While Kristian Herzog is promoting Storm Surge, a tell-all about his alleged affair with the singer, her lawyers claim he was never actually hired as her bodyguard. “This man is a convicted felon and an impostor…he insinuated himself into her life in order to attempt to destroy her reputation which he continues to do with this ‘book’ filled with outrageous lies,” said her rep, pointing out that Herzog wouldn’t give a deposition to Mel’s lawyers when asked, and that the other stars he claims to have worked for (Jack Nicholson, Jon Voight) merely posed for pictures with him.

Not that we needed this evidence to suggest Herzog’s tale is more than questionable. His description of his “affair” with Grigorieva reads like bad slash fiction. “[She] played my instrument like a cheap instrument, her soft warm inviting mouth and sorceress tongue controlled me…The Bodyguard becomes the Lover, making love to Oksana. If lips were ships, her lips were the S.S. Titanic, dragging men down deep.” “[These] sleazy sexual references, they are too absurd for words,” said Grigorieva’s rep. Maybe Herzog should stick to posting his stories on web forums.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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