Courtney Love Claims She Saved Kelly Osbourne’s Life Twice In Video Rant


For those of you missing your daily dose of bizarre ever since Courtney Love quit Twitter, we present to you the next generation in online irrationality: Courtney Love’s VYou account. The Hole singer has already posted a video where Love attacks Kelly Osbourne…whom she claims she saved from the brink of death on more than one occasion. “Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers called me a crackhead on the E! channel. Kelly knows I’m sober,” Courtney explains. “Kelly knows there’s no drugs allowed at my house. I think it’s really lame.” It’s not just the mean joke that irks Courtney, however: “This girl I know, Kelly Osbourne, I’ve saved her life twice. I’ve done CPR, I’ve put things in her boobs. [She was on] Oxycontin, cocaine, foaming at the mouth.” If it wasn’t for this video, we wouldn’t even know you had to put things in people’s boobs after they OD’ed. God bless you, social media platforms!

Given Osbourne’s rehab visits, we do agree that claiming someone looks an addict is like the pot calling the kettle super-high.  After declaring herself sober since October 2005, Love goes on to detail the massive amounts of drugs she takes, prescription and otherwise: Abilify, cocaine, a nice rosé.  Courtney also mentions that Sharon Osbourne might think Love gave Jack Osbourne Oxycotin as a child. Can’t imagine why. Look Courtney, we’re sure Kelly didn’t mean to say you were a crackhead. She probably just meant you act like a crackhead. You know, ranting angrily in public, saying you don’t do drugs them listing all the drugs you do. That kind of thing. You’ll remember what it’s like when you make more videos. It’s like riding a bike…made out of craziness!

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