Shenae Grimes: Friend Of The Impoverished, Just Not BFFs With Them


It seems so high school to divide your friends up into groups: best friend, work friend, Shenae Gimes’ homeless friends.  Sometimes that’s just the way you feel though! “I played a homeless kid and we had all real homeless kids as our background. I ended up just meeting the coolest people that I’ve met in L.A. on Venice Boardwalk,” Grimes told Chelsea Handler about shooting the film Sugar earlier this year. “I feel bad, but I’m a cute girl, so I’m a really good sidekick for ‘spanging’ – that’s what asking for spare change-and I don’t need it myself. So I feel like I’m pulling one over on society. It all goes to them, but I help out where I can.” Right, that’s much better than giving them some of your own famous person cash. Loaning money between friends can get so tricky, especially when one of you is a successful TV and film actress, and the other is trying to get enough nickels to buy a Cup-a-Soup.

Let’s be clear though. Grimes loves, loves, loves the homeless, she just wouldn’t want them borrowing, or even touching, her new top (even though she seems to occasionally wear their pants). Nothing personal! “It’s hard. You have to have boundaries. I’ve definitely been asked if they can sleep on my floor and stuff like that. You walk a fine line,” Shenae said. “My mom would not be pleased if I started taking homeless people to my apartment.” Ugh, moms never understand! Oh, and neither do you, Shenae.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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