The Hangover Part II Trailer, Now With More Weenis


Okay, yes, the Hangover Part II trailer seems to confirm what the Hangover II teaser trailer merely suggested: the sequel is essentially the same film all over again. Having traveled to Thailand for yet another wedding, the gang manages to lose Stu’s young future brother-in-law Teddy, played by Mason Lee. Did they check the roof? No, seriously, someone check it right now.

If you thought that we would care one iota about the plot, however, you have deeply underestimated our love of Zach Galifianakis. Ken Jeong’s maniacal Mr. Chow also returns, and the men seem to have accidentally gained custody of an elderly man in Teddy’s clothes, an adorable call-back to Heather Graham‘s baby in the original. While we haven’t caught a glimpse of him yet, we’re excited to see if Liam Neeson’s role in the Hangover II can rival Mike Tyson‘s in the first…and, well, undoubtedly the second. Between battling Buddhist monks, escaping gangsters and watching Galifianakis give the most inappropriate wedding toast of all time, we fell in love all over again. “When a monkey nibbles on a weenis, it’s funny in any language,” Zach says with child-like glee. So is this, Zach. So is this all.

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