Lil Wayne Owes IRS $5 Million, Could Just Put His Grill In The Mail


Look, plenty of people try to hide their earnings from the Feds. Of course, 99% of them don’t have teeth made out diamonds and an internationally successful rap career. According to reports, Lil Wayne’s unpaid taxes currently total over $5 million dollars, or $5,610,034 to be exact. Reportedly Wayne owes $3,335,077.95 dating back to 2008, and $2,258,956.04 for income earned in 2009. It’s not Yeezy’s fault though. It’s probably hard to get to his W-2s when they’re buried under  a pile of cash and jewel-encrusted orthodontia.

Wayne, of course, isn’t the only high roller who might have accidentally forgotten to report his earnings for years on end; Val Kilmer and Marc Anthonys’ tax woes and Wesley Snipes’ jail time are just a few examples. What, could the government not break a billion dollar bill? Given that he just got out last fall, we’re guessing that for Lil Wayne, prison time is just not an option. If you’re personally invested in helping Yeezy out of a jam, you could step up and buy his $12.9 million mansion in Miami, currently for sale. You might have to get the smoke steam-cleaned out of the rugs, but you’re guaranteed to find a ruby-studded retainer caught between the couch and the wall in at least one room.

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