Robert Pattinson Calls Breaking Dawn Photo Hackers “D—s”


We’ll be the first to admit: we checked out a few of the Breaking Dawn sex scene pics that leaked late last week. But we tried to avoid most of them, for as much as we like broken headboards, we like remaining spoiler-free even more. That and, well, the images were obtained illegally and we try to be on our best behavior when we’re on the clock, though it’s admittedly hard to do so when dealing with Robert Pattinson‘s (photos) surprisingly ripped back. (Seriously, who knew he was that jacked? He’s so slender in person.)

Over the weekend, author Stephenie Meyer, director Bill Condon and producer/super cool dude Wyck Godrey released a statement all but begging fans to avoid the images. Their argument—in addition to the legality of it all— is that it disrespects those people who are working tirelessly to bring the movies to the fans in “its beautiful, finished entirety.” Good point, Twilight team. We were additionally moved when we saw how passionate Rob got discussing the leak with MTV’s Josh Horowitz this weekend. In the clip below he calls the hackers “s—heads” and asks for fans to “destroy them.” Adds Rob, “Why do this maliciously? You’re not a fan, you’re just a dick,” and “A lot of people have worked really, really hard [on the film].” See RPattz’s rant against the hackers above.

We agree that people who hack into personal email accounts or FTP sites are indeed dicks, but is it so wrong to look once the content is out there? It’s kinda like telling kids where their Christmas presents are hidden and then getting made if they go and shake the boxes. Thoughts on hacking and or Rob’s rippling back muscles? The comments section is all yours. Pics of Rob and Reese Witherspoon appearing at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night await you below.

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