Snooki Brings The Pain, Backflips During Wrestlemania


Anyone else think some sweet backflip into body slam action really would have jazzed up this past season of Jersey Shore? Snooki’s Wrestlemania match has us day-dreaming about all the possibilities. Ronnie and Sammi break into their seventeenth fight of the day? Snooki suddenly does handsprings into the room and breaks them apart. The Snitchuation starts gossiping again? Suddenly he’s getting his larynx crushed by a tiny, orange elbow. It’s the future of reality TV.

Capturing greased-up Amazons in a head lock isn’t the only way the tiny brazed goddess is making headlines this week. It recently came to light that both Snooki and Toni Morrison were hired to speak at Rutgers university…with Snooki earning $2,000 than the Nobel laureate. “I don’t know her, and I don’t care.” Morrison claims, though we aren’t giving up on a Morrison/Snooks rivalry for season four of Jersey Shore. Seriously, anything to distract us from Ronnie and Sammi!

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