The Queen’s 40 Year Old Underwear Is Royally Gross


According to TMZ, a British auction house is holding off their sale of the Queen Elizabeth‘s old underwear until after Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding. Classy move, British auction house. You know what isn’t classy though? Thrift store underwear.

Guh-YIKES. In fairness to underwear, the Queen, and the United Kingdom in general, it does look like they have yellowed a bit with time and aren’t necessarily the original color. But still. The thought of having to put those on is terrifying.

Apparently, the Queen left these on a plane in 1968. Let’s all hope this was some weird accident and not the Queen trying to flirt with the pilot.

“I prefer to keep my lady parts encased in a massive coffee stained doily.” – The Queen.

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