Watch This Dumb Thing: The Ultimate Pat Toomey Fan Video


The following is an Ultimate Fan Video for Republican Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. Some of you might remember the Ultimate John Cena Fan Video. If you don’t, here is quick recap of how Ultimate Fan Videos work: They are very dumb and make no sense. Got it? Great.

It is important to note that Ultimate Fan Videos are not at all an endorsement of the people for whom they are made. They are simply celebrations of misrepresented song lyrics. Nobody should mistake the six hours I spent editing this as a sign of admiration for Pat Toomey. We don’t need to get into a whole political thing here, but let’s just say that my leanings are somewhere in the region of the polar opposite from Pat Toomey’s. He thinks there should be no taxes for corporations. Whatsoever. It’s kind of intense. For this next one minute and 20 seconds, though, we are all ultimate Pat Toomey fans.

When are Joe Cocker and Pat Toomey just gonna DO IT already?

Thanks to @joemande for helping out.

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