Will Guy Freaking Out Alone On DC Subway Become The Next Meme?


There is a new video going viral today. It is a phone-cam recording of a man named Yonathan Elias realizing he is alone on a DC Metro car and then going happy-style-crazy-go-nuts about it.

(Slightly NSFW language)

Okay, so now let’s figure out if this is going to get meme-ified. Will this get a couple million views? Will copy cat videos come out featuring college kids running around the library at night yelling “I’m actin’ a fool in the library by myself!”? Will an a Capella group get their terrible beat boxer to back them up while they sing “I can jump, ah-ah! I can do whatever I want, ah-ah!”? It’s hard to say. It would be nice if it did though. It would be a solid replacement for Rebecca Black‘s Friday. We’re all about ready to start moving on from that. Your thoughts?…

Thanks, Urlesque.

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